A selection of works on paper done on a journey through Central Asia, Europe and South America between April 2014 and May 2016.

This selection of oil pastel and charcoal drawings is from 3 main periods during this 2 year journey which also included 10 months living and working in Zvolen, Slovakia between Sept 14 and July 15, where a series of studio based works on paper were produced. (See Overseas studio Artworks, Slovakia page).

All Artworks in this section were done directly from the subject (in situ) and often in extreme weather conditions common in mountainous and desert regions of high altitude and latitude. The drama of the weather is a part of the drawing process for these works on paper and the expressive power of
natures’ elements.

As with my previous drawings done on journeys in Australia and other parts of the world, they influence my studio based Artworks.

A selection of works on paper from the 2014-16 journey are below.

Dimensions: 30-21cm to 43-32cm in both single and diptych formats.

Central Asian works on paper, 2014

Europe 2014-2015

South America 2015-16

A journey through Southern, Central and Northern Patagonia, Western Bolivia and Atacama between November 15 and May 16.