Slovakia Studio Artworks 2014/15

These works on paper form part of a recent series of oil and soft pastel drawings done while living in Zvolen, Slovakia from September 2014 to July 2015. The subject basis for these artworks are the natural, urban and industrial landscapes of Zvolen and the surrounding region of Central Slovakia.

Oil/ soft pastel on paper.
Dimensions, 56cm - 38cm, 112cm - 38cm. (Soft pastel drawings).
70cm - 56cm, 140cm - 56cm. (Oil pastel drawings)

Poland 2009

This selection of Works on paper were done while living in the Central Polish town of Płonsk, near Warsaw in the first half of 2009. In a similar way to the Bohemian series 2 years earlier, I focused on the subtle, understated qualities of this regions' flat rural and industrial landscapes of wide open spaces punctuated with settlements, forests or just single trees and buildings.

Oil pastel, soft pastel on paper. Sizes: 75 x 50 cm to 50 x 35 cm.

Czech Republic 2006/07

While on an 18 month drawing expedition through Asia and Europe from May 06 to November 07, I spent 10 months working on a series of works on paper while based in the East Bohemian city of Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic. These studio-based works were developed from selected plein air drawings that I had done throughout the Czech Republic and other parts of Europe

Working in East Bohemia gave me an opportunity to draw from a range of pastoral and urban landscape environments and subjects which contrast with those of my earlier Tasmanian rugged wilderness based work. These will inspire new directions and visual language in my ongoing art practice.

Oil pastel, dry pastel or soft pastel. Sizes: 70 x 50cm or 67 x 50 cm