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Remote Lands

A solo exhibition of drawings from the artist’s journeys through the world’s harsh and remote regions, between 2009 and 2016. Sidespace Gallery, March 2018.

This exhibition of selected drawings were of journeys through some of the world´s harsh and remote environments and landscapes on the margins of human habitation, while traveling alone through remote parts of Asia, Europe, Morocco and South America. These include the regions of high mountains and deserts of Central Asia and Morocco, far northern latitudes of Europe, such as western Norway, Iceland and northern Scotland, and the Patagonian and Atacama regions of the South American Andes.

The drawings were done with oil stick, pastel, and charcoal which suited the natural conditions and travel constraints. All were made on site and on paper so they could be done rapidly in challenging environmental and climatic conditions. In most situations it was just a case of moving through these landscapes and stopping to draw something of interest and allow for an intuitive way of expression through direct observation.

The individual drawings selected and placed together for this exhibition emphasized the diversity of environments and climate regions around the world where human habitation exists on the margins.

Slavic Lands. Memories and shadows from beyond the Iron Curtain.

Oil and soft pastel drawings done in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia between 2006 and 2015. Brightspace Gallery, St Kilda, Victoria May 20 to June 3, 2017.

Southern Tasmania

Medium: Oil, soft pastel on paper.
Dimensions: 86cm- 61cm.

Medium: Oil pastel on paper.
Dimensions: 86cm-31cm.

Central Asia, Europe and South America 2014-6

Artworks done on a journey through Central Asia, Europe and South America between April 2014 and May 2016.
These recent works on paper were done “in situ”and in some cases in extreme weather conditions.
Medium: Oil pastel, charcoal on paper. Dimensions: 31-21cm to 43-32cm in single and diptych formats.

Aug and Sept 2015.

Northern Scotland and Shetland Is.
Sept and Oct 2015.

Dec 2015

Jan 2016

Jan-Feb 2016

Mar-Apr 2016